• In October, prices for new construction near Moscow fell in only 20-km of

    According to the “Analytical Consulting Center Miel” in October at the Moscow market of new prices remained the same – the weighted average bid price was 65, 300 rubles. / Sq. M price reduction relative to September was -0.6%. Dollar price, however, added 3.9% and reached $ 2212 / sq. M In general, since the beginning of the year an apartment in the Moscow region on average fell by -6.3% in rubles and in dollars reached a reduction of -10.6%. However, in this case, you should pay attention to the fact that the strengthening of the national currency in the current year, prices in U.S. Currency began to return gradually lost ground. In October, the primary housing market of Moscow region the volume proposal amounted to 536 homes, buildings. Of these new proposals have appeared in five locations – a middle-residential buildings and economy class, located in different zones, suburbs, mostly in the early stages of construction readiness. The most active construction in the area today is as close to the capital – in the zone up to 5 km from Moscow. As before, most of the proposals have on the monolithic buildings (61.6% on the number of houses), as well as the objects of the middle class (68.3%). Similarly, the first month of autumn, in October, the largest correction was inherent in the business class new buildings (-1,1%), prices in the homes of the middle class lost -1.0%, the price of economy class apartments have remained virtually the same level (0, 2%). If we look at buildings, depending on their location, the largest decline in prices recorded in the zone 26-40 km from Moscow (-2.9,%). In other zones, removal rates in general have not changed significantly. At the same time in the Moscow suburbs prices have remained virtually unchanged (up to 5 km and 6-12 km from Moscow was changing, and -0.1% -0.5%, respectively). “With the growth of consumer activity, as reflected in a significant increase in actual transactions, the market of new suburbs prices for October is actually retained their value. The most popular are apartments in buildings at high stages of construction, the proportion of proposals which begins to decline – says Vladislav Lutskov, CEO, “Analytical Consulting Center Miel.” – We estimate that celebrated current trends continue in the near future. ” “Today, the primary market, in general, there is stabilization of prices. Since the summer from month to month there is a significant increase in sales. This suggests that potential buyers are no longer mentally waiting for further price correction and review the current situation as a good time to buy, knowing that, given the reduction in new construction in the future shortage of new buildings is inevitable.


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